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You're Invited to SHEMA Prophetic Writing Retreat

Do you need a spiritual breakthrough?

Getting into the presence of God and hearing His voice, not only for ourselves, but for our families, communities, and nations is of utmost importance to God. Over the next few months, I'm excited to continue the assignment to help God's people experience Him through unique prayer, writing, and worship experiences.

On May 6th, I'm hosting our first hybrid Prophetic Writing Retreat, SHEMA, which means to hear, listen to, obey. This three-hour retreat presented by We Who Dwell Faith Network and ELOHAI International will help you hear from God, to obey His voice, and enter into His promises. It will be an evening of worship, prayer, prophetic writing activation, and spiritual breakthrough. Join virtually from anywhere in the world or secure a limited in-person space if you're in the Houston, Texas area!

During SHEMA Prophetic Writing Retreat, you can expect to enter the Father's presence through worship and prayer, personal deliverance, followed by a time of prophetic writing activation to hear exactly what the Lord wants you to know. You'll leave refreshed and knowing without a doubt that God has spoken and continues to speak to you. Register below.

Note that two of the ticket options include a copy of the new Write & Pray Journal.

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