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God Uses Ordinary People.

by Gwendolyn Gantt

God Uses Ordinary People will strengthen your faith and give you greater revelation of how your own spiritual journey advances God's mission to seek and save the lost. 


Author Gwendolyn Gantt


Elder Gwendolyn Gantt is a native of Durham, North Carolina. She is married to Maxwell Gantt. Together they have three adult children, one daughter-in-law, and a growing tribe of ten grandchildren. Currently, while serving as the community outreach director at her church she leads a weekly food giveaway serving groceries to hundreds of families. Elder Gantt also serves as the outreach director for Project Bright Future Mentoring Program, Inc.

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The Book

God Uses Ordinary People is “a delightful and inspiring read…”  From humble beginnings, God transformed the author, a self-confessed “ordinary” woman into an extraordinary influencer and servant leader for the Kingdom. God Uses Ordinary People by Elder Gwendolyn Gantt interweaves timeless, biblical principles with an inspiring journey of faith and obedience to offer a ministry, leadership, and life model for believers of all generations. 


Elder Gantt served as a youth director for many years. Currently she serves as the community outreach director, overseeing various outreach ministries. She has led many cross-culture missions, and she is the Holy Spirit-inspired mastermind behind a community feeding program that serves thousands of people each week. God Uses Ordinary People will strengthen your faith and give you greater revelation of how your own spiritual journey advances God's mission to seek and save the lost. Whether your contributions seem big or small, this book will help you see God’s perspective of the extraordinary plans He has for you.

God Uses Ordinary People_MOckup.png
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“GOD USES ORDINARY PEOPLE don’t allow the name to fool you. This is not one of those “do it yourself” preachy stories. You won’t be able to put it down as you walk along the side of Elder Gantt as she shares her story of Faith, Family & Fortitude. Sharing life and social times of her era. The take away - “Can this be me?”

Maryln C. Kippins 

Nana Ama Sam I (President) 

Flora E. Kippins Foundation, Inc.

"This is a delightful and inspiring read. The chronicling of Elder G. Gantt’s life journey gives great insight into the workings of God as he molds “Giants”, for his glory. Elder Gantt, ( who by the way is no ordinary person), has pinned a masterpiece into what it takes to be a humble blessed servant of God."

Elder Dr Carmen Vaughn Hewitt, D. Min.

St Stephen Baptist Church

Temple Hills, Md

"This book is truly a eye opener that God uses ordinary people. I just want to thank you for allowing me from 2002 at SSBC to present for taking this journey. It was under your leadership that I grew. I thank God for and can’t wait to read the rest of your book. Love you Sister friend for life!"

Brenda Mcknight

As the outreach director at her church, Elder Gwendolyn Gantt is responsible for community inclusiveness in the following areas: Weekly Daytime Food Giveaway, Daytime Computer class, St. Jude Sunday of Hope, Compassion International, Red Cross, Annual Community Day , Grant research, Toys-4-Tots, Community Emergencies including Domestic Violence, One Congregation One Family mentoring program and Gabriel Network “Angel Friends”  program, mentoring young pregnant girls who have nowhere to go.

Author Gwendolyn's Community Outreach

Be Inspired by Author Gwendolyn's work as the Community Outreach and Special Events Director and her Mission Trips to Ghana and Uganda.

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Food Giveaway

Be inspired by Elder Gantt's work as the community outreach and special events director serving So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.) every Tuesday.


Foreign Missions

Be inspired by Elder Gantt's mission trips to Ghana and Uganda demonstrating God's love around the world.


Fruit Happened Corner

Be inspired by Author Gwendolyn's Fruit Happened Corner, where she has mentored and impacted the lives of many people. This signifies God's love of bearing fruit.