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Introducing the financially blessed planner

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Saving, investing, debt reduction, credit scores, insurance... there's so much to think about when it comes to finances, but we want to make it easier for you to plan for your financial future.

Last month we had the honor of working with Wealth Coach Cherie Hill to publish The Financially Blessed Planner. This is unlike any project we've done before. With two beautiful cover designs and a year's worth of financial coaching, planning, affirmations, and the space to take notes and organize your life, this planner is great for anyone with big goals.

Check out the preview video and details below! 

Become consistent and establish priorities for your finances and your future with The Financially Blessed Planner by Cherie Hill. Through a yearlong journey, The Financially Blessed Planner will coach you into your place of prosperity through consistent

Financial Goal Setting

Vision Casting

Saving and Investing

Monitoring and Improving your Credit Score

Luxury Purchase Planning

Wise Money Management, and

Debt Elimination.

Cherie Hill of the top real estate and financial firm The Cherie Resource Team has packaged years of financial wisdom and biblically-sound and tested principles into one planner that you can use each day of the year. Become Financially Blessed and live God’s best for your life. Visit for more information and to order bulk copies.

What’s Included:

  • January – December Blank Calendars

  • Monthly bill tracker

  • Monthly budget expense tracker

  • Pocket Inside front 

  • Monthly money goal tracker

  • Monthly affirmations

  • Monthly income tracker

  • Monthly Tabs

  • Full month blank view

  • Quarterly credit score tracker

  • Monthly to- do lists

  • Hard cover, gold wire spiral

  • Yearly money challenges

  • Debt management tools

  • Planner size 7×9

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