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Edward brown

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This memoir covers one black lawyer’s experiences that address a small slice of systemic racism embedded from its inception in this republic called America.


Set in what should be the desegregated South, Memoirs of a Black Southern Lawyer takes readers into the courtrooms and boardrooms of the largest governmental agencies, where racism and discrimination are masked by injustices against the most vulnerable members of American society. 


Journey with Edward M. Brown, Esquire, a South Carolina-based defense and Civil Rights attorney of over forty years who relentlessly tackles the United States government, Corporate America, local and national law enforcement to equalize the scales of justice for clients of color. 


If you've ever wondered how and why racism still exists in the justice system, Memoirs of a Black Southern Lawyer will provide a sound historical and psychological analysis, a clear overview of the American legal system, and strategies to obtain the liberties promised in the United States Constitution.

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The youngest of ten children, Edward M. Brown was born and reared on one of the barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina. In 1967 he graduated from St. John’s High School on Johns Island, South Carolina.

Edward M. Brown

After attending Bishop College in Dallas, Texas for two years, he received a Crown- Zellerbach Fellowship, to attend and study at the University of California at Berkeley. With a major in political science and a minor in economics, he graduated from Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in 1971.

After a very brief period in the corporate world, Mr. Brown received a Ford Foundation fellowship to attend Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. In 1982 he became a solo practitioner in Charleston, South Carolina. During his entire forty-two years, he maintained an active practice in constitutional law, employment discrimination law, Civil Rights Law, criminal law as well as other areas of the practice of law. 


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“The authenticity in which this book exposes the real practice of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the lack of due process when it comes to black service members is spot on. This book should be mandatory reading for all officers in every branch of the military services.”

—  Shirley Hill

                      Lt. Col. (Retired Army)

Published by Freedom Life Books

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