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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the ELOHAI International Publishing & Media LLC FAQs. If your question is not answered here, please submit a new question at the bottom of the page. 


Q: i am an aspiring author, can you help me? 


A: Yes, we are a publishing company, but we also offer publishing consulting services to help authors go from idea to publishing. We offer both a-la-carte services (ghostwriting, book development, editing, design, etc.) and complete publishing programs. 


Q: I want to self-publish my book, but would like someone else to help with the process. Can ELOHAI International help? 


A: Yes, we provide publishing and creative direction to self-published authors. Visit our discovery link and schedule a meeting 


Q: Do you offer videos or classes to help authors or new business owners? 


A. Yes, we offer education through our Write Speak Increase Academy. Visit us online at

Q: I was referred to B&D Brand and ended up here. Am I in the right place? 


Y: Yes, ELOHAI International acquired B&D Brand in September 2018. 


Q: What does ELOHAI mean and why did you name the company this?


A: It means "my God" in Hebrew. ELOHAI is the personal form of ELOHIM, which is the name God called Himself when He created the world...  (The origin of the ELOHIM is Eloah). ELOHAI International was created to give honor and glory to God, and, through stories, point people to Jesus (just as the Old Testament does). 


ELOHIM "The Strong Creator God"describes the creative side of God who created the world out of nothing (ex nihilo), and wrote the story of the entire universe. The detailed and customized manner in which we serve our clients and partners is aligned with the personal and relational side of our Creator God, ELOHAI. 


Psalm 31:14:  "But as for me, I will trust in You, O YAHWEH, I say, 'You are Elohai אֱלֹהַ֥י !' (My God)!" ...

Psalm 145:1: I will extol You, Elohai and King, I will Bless Your Name forever and ever! 


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