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In 1973, in the aftermath of a deadly tornado, a five-month-old baby boy was discovered in the rubble of a ravished mobile home park. From this tragic beginning, Rise from the Rubble: Ascend Beyond Destitution to Achieve your Destiny shares the awe-inspiring life story of Thomas Pagsisihan, who fought through poverty, homelessness, and neglect to escape the horrors of his childhood. Rise from the Rubble transports readers to the callous south where the author must rise beyond the abuse and hate he is subjected to at the hands of unfit parents and guardians. At his lowest point, a young Thomas Pagsisihan meets a stranger who shares wisdom that sets him on a path of change. This book challenges readers to assess and reflect on life in a way that will help identify steps to reach their desired outcomes.No matter where you find yourself today, Rise from the Rubble will provide the tools to achieve your destiny and rise from life's setbacks.

At first all I expected from this book was a good and interesting story, but when I continued reading, I found it to be SO much more then that and could not put it down.

I am truly amazed that you did not let what happened to you destroy you as happens to others who through no fault of their own, are not that strong. It must have been terrifying, and reading the story I felt such sadness but also happiness that you could do the right thing and forgive your parents. You could have easily gone in so many wrong directions and I love that you chose to “Rise From the Rubble”.” 


Rise from the Rubble is a group site where people can motivate each other and discuss your own Rise from the Rubble moments. Whether you've been through adversity or destitution or you still need to RISE UP, then feel welcomed to the site for motivational progress and continuous life improvement.

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Thomas Pagsisihan

about the author

Thomas D. Pagsisihan is a former United States Marine, lean transformation specialist, speaker, author, and coach. He specializes in true servant leadership believing that success in life comes from helping others succeed in their lives. He specializes in helping others fulfill their dreams with a life improvement process. Thomas realizes that people with the worst adversity and destitution can have some of the best futures.

Tom received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and earned the rank of Staff Sergeant after eight years of service. He received meritorious promotions, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and other meritorious masts while on active duty. In 2011, he was voted one of the Top 40 under 40 years of age by Civilian Job News as an impactful veteran in the manufacturing industry.

Now a plant manager of a 60M plastics plant out of Atlanta, Georgia, Tom spends his time coaching and managing others to succeed in their careers to truly have an impact on the business world and people’s personal lives. He is very thankful to rise from destitution being homeless at one point to having a wonderful family, a solid job, and a place he has called home in Maysville, Georgia for seventeen years.

Tom wrote Rise from the Rubble with the hopes that readers will understand that it is never too late to start a new path in life.

Rise From the Rubble is also available for purchase on Amazon

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