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New Book Release

Kia A. Durham


Have you ever wondered if God hears your prayers or what to say when you pray?

About the Book

As For Me And My House: A 21-Day Prayer Journey by Kia A. Durham is a prayer devotional to help parents and children draw near to God each day. This book provides strategic and focused prayers for the entire family.

Through twenty-one days of prayer, your family will welcome the Holy Spirit to move in your home and in the lives of each person. There are no limits for a family who places God first and seeks Him together each day. As For Me And My House will help foster the atmosphere for your family to grow holistically, in Christ, around the will and Word of God. 

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About the Author

Minister Kia is a Military wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, intercessor, YouTuber, blogger, and student of the Gospel.  In 2015, Minister Kia accepted her calling from the Lord to pursue ministry for the Kingdom of God.  Although Minister Kia had been serving in ministry for many years, to include teaching Bible Study classes to French children while studying abroad in Paris, it was at this time that she received a word from God to be an example and advocate women, children, and families – everywhere.

Her mission is to uplift and empower all of God’s people, emphasizing working mothers who are juggling careers, children, marriages, wellness, etc.  Many have said that women can’t have it all, but by the grace of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit – Minister Kia has found all things.

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Min Kia Durham’s inspirational guide for families to walk together in faith could not be more fitting for today. All families feel the chaos of the world and As For Me and My House offers a timeless, calming solution. Min. Durham’s devotion to her Christian foundation is beautifully embodied and allows her to provide families spiritual growth guidance applicable to all faiths.

-Michelle Azu-Allen, MD

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