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Experience the redemptive power of Jesus Christ through 2 Women 1 God, an interactive Bible study for women into the book of Ruth. Author and Missionary Leah Joslyn invites readers into an intimate time of study, prayer, and healing from the lens of two women who found restoration in the midst of devastating heartbreak and despair. Many believers can identify with Ruth and Naomi, who seemingly lost everything until they encountered the One who could restore it all. 

Whether engaging with this book during personal or group study, 2 Women 1 God will help women locate the hope of God beyond heartbreak and loss. The book of Ruth is one of the most inspiring stories of all time, and this study enables Bible lovers to encounter God in a new way by examining the book of Ruth from a refreshing perspective. 

Do you believe that God is who He says He is? Will you accept His redemption for your life? This profound Bible study will help solidify your faith, holdfast to God's promises, and see your important role within God's grand narrative for His creation.

The 30 Days of Meditation and Journaling is a 30 day devotional and prayer journal that leaves room for Biblical meditation and honest conversation with God. This journal is meant to be your daily companion as you work through the Bible study and discover the unique redemption path that God has for you. Write transparently about your struggles and strengths and find a place of respite from the busyness of life. Through guided prayer and written prompts, this 30 day journal will help you talk with your Father in Heaven who is ready to bring comfort and lift your heavy burdens.

meet the author

Leah Joslyn is a spirit-led, faith-filled woman of God, missionary, sister and friend. 


In this new Bible study and Journal, Leah's heart is to bring hope, healing and wholeness to every woman as they study the book of Ruth. Every woman should know that no matter where they find themselves in life whether it's in their old age like Naomi- bitter and angry with how things have turned out, disappointed with God and suffering from great loss OR young like Ruth- a bit lost in life, uncertain about the future, limited in options, seeking a new way, and wanting a  relationship with God; they can rest assured that God has a REDEMPTION plan for them. 

It's tough being a woman and I know what it's like to feel judged and put down by others when I fall short. At other times I've felt lost, confused and that God wasn't near. But in the midst of my fears and disappointments I've learned that God always has a plan of Redemption waiting for ME on the other side. And he definitely has one for you too! So let's get started on your journey today. 

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