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Introducing the Write & Pray Journal

Pray. Write. Praise. Study. Worship & Intercede with the Write & Pray Journal

by Natasha Brown Watson

The Write & Pray Journal will help build your faith and confirm how God moves in your life and the lives of those you pray for. Activate your discernment and ability to hear from God more clearly through prophetic writing and Bible journaling.

"I’m super excited to introduce the new WRITE & PRAY JOURNAL! Many prayer journals are filled with text from the author that tells you how to feel or view scripture with little space for the user to reflect and experience God through the discipline of journaling. I designed this journal with space for believers to track their life with God and return to their journal entries to see how God has moved. I've been so in awe of how it helps my family stay accountable and consistent with our spiritual growth."

- Natasha Brown Watson, Write & Pray Journal Creator

The Write & Pray Journal will help you stay consistent in your prayer, study, and devotion

time with God!

This journal includes space to write and pray

• Prayer Priorities (Requests)

• Answered Prayers

• Gratitude

• Scriptures

• Prayers for Others, and

• Downloads from Holy Spirit

As you write and pray in the months ahead, you will grow in gratitude as God’s promises are illuminated in your life and community.

There are five different versions of the Write & Pray Journal:

  1. Spiral "Green & Yellow Nature" 7x10, 125 Pages

  2. Paperback "Green & Yellow Nature" 7x10, 200 Pages

  3. Paperback Write & Pray Journal for Men "Shield & Sword" 7x10, 200 Pages

  4. Paperback "Olive Green Leaves" 7x10, 200 Pages

  5. Paperback "Black with Green Leaves 7x10, 200 Pages (limited edition)

Each version has daily prayer journal pages that can be used during your prayer, study, or worship time. There are prayer writing templates in the back to help you pray biblically, and memorization verses to help you declare God's promises attached to your prayer life.

We pray this journal empowers you spiritually and helps you grow in your life as an intercessor and prayer warrior.

Bulk pricing for the spiral journal is available. Email us for more information.


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