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Our second Liberating Read for Independence Weekend is one of tragedy to triumph where our author proves herself as a victor and overcomer. Take a look at our second read for the weekend below. Click here if you missed yesterday's book recommendation.

Liberating Read #2

In Broken Yet Restored: My Faith Set Me Free, seventeen-year-old Sharita Woodward leaves the safe and loving environment of her home when she meets a man who seems to be the love of her life. It doesn't take long, however, for their fairytale romance to turn into a nightmare mixed with betrayal, disloyalty, abuse, and humiliation. While fighting a battle for her identity and freedom, Sharita discovers the power of faith and true love. In Broken Yet Restored, enter the mind of an abuse victim-turned-victor who experiences redemption and freedom by encountering a love that never fails. As you read this tumultuous, yet inspiring journey of healing, published by ELOHAI International, be prepared to purge from everything that hinders your personal power and true freedom.

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