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Destiny Derailed by James Fortune

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

How to Get Your Life Back on Track by Leveraging Your Past and Repurposing Your Pain into Power

In Destiny Derailed: How to Get Your Life Back on Track by Leveraging Your Past and Repurposing Your Pain into Power, two-time Grammy Award-nominated Gospel Artist James Fortune shares his transparent story of redemption after a series of unfortunate events left him in the thick of public scandal and private despair. 

Destiny Derailed is a self-help memoir designed to empower every person who has been knocked off course, experienced loss, let themselves down, or thought that a situation they've experienced disqualified them from God's promises. 

Through this honest journey of healing and restoration, biblical truths, and spiritual encouragement, you will gain new perspective of life's derailments and be reassured that God is not yet done writing your story. Destiny Derailed will help you leverage your past by repurposing your pain into power. 


“James Fortune has been tasked with living out the unenviable calling of a gifted artist wrapped in flawed humanity. Oftentimes we like our gifts wrapped with the illusion of perfection. Yet the blood of Jesus is never more clearly viewed than when it is applied to the lives of those who are anointed- but have missed the mark in some way, shape, or form. Instead of hiding in the shadows, James most effectively ministers from the broken place and disarms devils by pointing the finger of responsibility at the one where it all began—himself. Let this work bless you and teach you the most valuable lesson of all: saying yes to God DOESN’T eliminate your frailties. It simply gives God permission to get glory out of them.” 

-Pastor John Gray, Relentless Church

“This book is so full of healing. James literally poured out of a beautiful place of transparency. By the time you are done, you will be walking in complete healing! Forgiveness will set in, and shame will be completely gone. Your scars will be turned to stars. People with the worst past can indeed make the best futures.”

-Real Talk Kim, Church of The Harvest Fayetteville

“This book really proves that at its essence, a setback is nothing more than a set up for a comeback!”

-Pastor Keion D. Henderson, The LightHouse Church of Houston

“Sometimes lessons learned are blessings earned and Destiny Derailed is a welcomed reminder of this concept. Whether you experience a private or public catastrophic decision, disastrous failure, or a heinous attack on your life, when you are a child of God, your greatest setback can be the precursor to your greatest comeback.”

-Pastor Charles Jenkins Multi-Award Winning Artist Pastor Fellowship Chicago

“I’ve been honored to walk out life with James not just when things were good, but even when things were at its worst. Loyalty is a lost art in society today, and I refused to walk away just because things got rough! Destiny Derailed is a glimpse of how tragedy, failure, honesty, and humility collided. I’m so glad to be able to witness when James’ mistake derailed him, God’s grace propelled him! Now he’s walking in his destiny! To God be the glory!”

-Isaac Carree, #1 Selling Gospel Artist & Author

“In our current dispensation, relevant and effective public ministry, almost always demands public testing and trial. I’m grateful to have had the privilege of being exposed to the redevelopment and elevation of James’ testimony and ministry. What you are about to read, is an honest, responsible, transparent look into the personal life and headspace of one of our genera- tion’s most prolific writers and worshippers. My prayer is, that you will read, and listen, and hear God talking to you, and be encouraged to learn from, and then forget those things which are behind, and to reach for what’s ahead, as you press your way towards Jesus’ name.”

-Bishop William Murphy, Lead Pastor The Dream Center Church of Atlanta

James Fortune is an award-winning gospel music artist, father, husband, and author. He lives in Houston, Texas and is best known for his transparent records that speak to the hearts and souls of his listeners. Learn more at

Follow @MrJamesFortune on Instagram, Twitter, and join the Official James Fortune Page on Facebook.  

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