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Watch the Book Release Party for 31 Days Towards the Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman

"The honesty, transparency, and relatability in this book will set women free! It is a blueprint to a breakthrough." - Whitney J. Hogans

For many young women, becoming a Christian and surrendering one's life to Christ can be a process filled with amazing joys, yet internal struggles, especially when the world and former desires continue to resurface. In 31 Days Towards the Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman, Author Tristian Holley delicately journeys through this process of sanctification and having one foot in the Church while fighting against the desires of the flesh. The Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman is a 31-day devotional journal that takes women on a journey of reconstruction, starting with faith and self-worth to embracing inner beauty and their God-given identity.

Grow in your relationship with Christ and welcome God to reconstruct your inner being through

  • Thirty-one relatable devotions

  • Memory verses to help you understand God's thoughts toward you

  • Virtuous prayers to help you draw near to God, and

  • Journal prompts to gain clarity about your faith and destiny.

31 Days Towards the Reconstruction of a Virtuous Woman welcomes God into the inner-most parts of your being to heal, nurture, and transform you for His glory.

Watch the Virtual Book Release Party Below | Airing May 24, 2024 at Noon EST

Visit Author Tristian Holley online. Order your book on Amazon.


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