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Watch the Premiere of Suddenly Marriage Podcast Episode 3.2 Tonight!

Suddenly Marriage Podcast Season 3 has returned! Watch the premiere of Episode 3.2 "The Dating Tea with Your Favorite Aunties Podcast" at 8 p.m. CST, February 7, 2023.

In this hilariously entertaining episode, Ray and Natasha welcome the hosts of Your Favorite Aunties Podcast, ShaMarian and Nia, to share their dating tea and advice. What's it like to be single and dating in 2023? Laugh and learn with us as we explore relationships from the Aunties' perspectives. Listen, Subscribe, and leave a review on your favorite podcast app: Connect with Your Favorite Aunties Podcast on Instagram and Subscribe on your favorite app.

Watch the Season Premiere below - Episode 3.1 - We've Been Married 2 Years: The Good, Bad & Ugly Lessons!

Welcome to Season THREE of Suddenly Marriage Podcast! First of all, THANK YOU for rocking with us for two full seasons. This is a recap episode of 2022 plus the good, bad, and ugly lessons learned from 2 years of marriage.

(We recently celebrated our anniversary:-).

SMP Season 3 Updates from Suddenly Marriage Podcast:

- This is our new YouTube channel. Please subscribe!

- We also have a new Patreon account. Please show your love by becoming a monthly supporter. You will help us further the mission of SMP and marriage ministry through equipping singles and newlyweds for God's best via life-changing coaching, content, and counseling. -

Finally, we are recording with new equipment so please bear with our sound issues over these first few episodes as we sort out our new studio logistics. As you'll see, Ray sat far away from his microphone :-) We appreciate your grace!

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Watch Suddenly Marriage Podcast on YouTube at or catch past episodes on ELOHAI International TV:

Suddenly Marriage Podcast is produced by ELOHAI International Publishing & Media.

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