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No longer will we underestimate the power of our stories

by Natasha T. Brown

Yesterday was International Women's Day and women all of the world were celebrated for their achievements. But, can I tell you a quick story about when I stopped underestimating myself and my achievements as a female communications professional? When I published my first book in 2015, I downplayed it, and didn't think my story was a big deal. As a branding professional, I was used to launches and new releases. My new book was such a small deal to me that I was only planning to release an e-book with no plans of printing paperback copies. Things started to change, however, when my friends and family began requesting paperback copies of the book. I obliged and sold out of two shipments of 100 books in just two weeks! A week or so before the release date, a writer from Black Enterprise Magazine contacted me and requested an interview. I was featured twice in one month. Here is the first article where I spoke about the importance of sharing our stories. That month, I also received an email from General Motors asking me to be an influencer at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards in Vegas, all expenses paid. My book got into the hands of non-profit organizations and churches who requested me to speak. Group and healing homes for women contracted me to implement the book's curriculum in their recovery programs. Pastors, business owners, and community leaders liked my writing style and wanted me to help them write books as well. Domestic violence advocates started sharing my books with survivors of abuse.

My "little book" ended up being a BIG DEAL. That's when I decided to stop underestimating myself and my voice. Since that time six years ago, I've coached hundreds of authors who shared my same initial thinking. Many people underestimate the importance of their stories and the power of their voices. Today, promise yourself that this will not be you. I hope you know how important your voice and story are. Tonight I'm hosting a free webinar called Write & Publish Your Book This Year. This webinar is for anyone with a desire to write a book and would like practical help. Learn to

  • Identify the important parts of your story.

  • Develop a plan to fill your pages and finish your book.

  • Prepare your mindset to publish and profit from your book.

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