The Quintessential Guide by Raquel Greene

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

The Quintessential Guide for How to Do More of What You Love for Entrepreneurs is a productivity hack for business owners written by Quintessential Executives Founder Raquel Greene. As a veteran virtual assistant for many of today’s top Fortune 500 CEOs, Greene spills the tea on how the most profitable executives achieve work-life balance. “The QE Guide for Entrepreneurs” teaches money-generating, time-saving steps for achieving organization, closing deals, managing stress and finances, setting boundaries, and much more. This growth-hack-pocket-guide will be the entrepreneur’s business and productivity resource for years to come. Get ready to build a foundation for success that will help you do more of what you love!


Raquel Greene is a career executive assistant with over fifteen years of experience in supporting and assisting C-level executives. She is also the founder of Quintessential Executives, which provides virtual support to business owners and CEOs. During her career, she realized that, while wildly successful, very few executives embrace a lifestyle of work-life balance. Her desire is to create a marriage between productivity and passion for the clients she supports. Visit to learn more. 

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