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Bold & Courageous by Candace Junée | Watch the Book Release Party here!

If you were born to blaze trails and impact the world in a major way, Bold & Courageous by Candace Junée Armour was designed just for you.

Watch the book release party below!

Bold & Courageous shows you just how powerful you really are when you dig deep within to address all you've been through the good, the bad and the ugly. If you're tired of your past holding you back or you're ready to shift into living your best years yet, it's time for you to be the Bold & Courageous version of yourself. This transformational book will help you build your faith to make water-walking decisions, accomplish the unthinkable, and trust God and yourself like never before. You'll be able to truly see yourself as a Bold & Courageous expert and position yourself to the world as an industry authority regardless of your background.

Bold & Courageous helps you shift into owning your brilliance, becoming unapologetic about your uniqueness, and becoming

an unstoppable force for the Kingdom of God. It's specifically made for visionary men and women who want to heal from within so they can make life-changing decisions confidently as leaders and experts in society. Bold & Courageous will help you go from being crippled by fear to flourishing in God's version of your Promised Land for your life. Your next level is on the other side of reading this book.

Bold & Courageous is published by ELOHAI International Publishing & Media.

Order your copy at]

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