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Write what's real

Happy Holidays!

We are thankful for the power of your stories to heal, teach, transform, and build legacy. 

Here's a fact: the stories you share (and where you share them) are keys to unlock closed doors and connect you with people who have your answer. 

This holiday season, we are offering a special rate to our signature storytelling program - Write What's Real facilitated by our CEO Natasha T. Brown.

Write What's Real is a 3-month mentoring program that not only focuses on helping you write and publish books, but it also helps those who are called to change the world gain the confidence to share their powerful, life-changing stories. 

If you have ever wanted to write and publish your story, check out our Write What's Real Author Mentoring Program.

WRITE WHAT'S REAL is for future authors who are ready to transform notebooks, journals, and big ideas into published, non-fiction books. We make writing easy and prepare you to be a master storyteller.  

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