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Book Release Party for Breathe by Candace Writes

Join us virtually for the Breathe Book Launch with author Candace Writes and get resources for curating a healthy, flourishing and victorious, lifestyle!

About this Event

Many Christians suffer in silence with mental disorders because, for decades, popular culture has stigmatized mental health issues and the process of healing. For too long, the church culture has perpetuated the idea that prayer alone is the solution to mental disorders, and while this may be the case for some, for others, including Author Candace Writes, healing includes both Biblical and clinical principles.

Breathe: Rest, Reflect, Reset is part Bible study, part memoir that outlines God’s blueprint for healing. This book provides a practical, step-by-step guide to help readers curate a healthy, flourishing, and victorious lifestyle.

Breathe journeys through the author’s process of healing by way of scriptural and practical exercises. It includes soul-searching questions, journaling prompts, and interlaces her personal narrative while walking through the story of the Old Testament Prophet Elijah.

If you are like many who experience depression, anxiety, or hopelessness, Breathe will help you take back your power, overcome the battles plaguing your mind, and dig deeper into the Word of God on a journey of healing and self-discovery!


Breathe is amazing. It is a well-balanced blend of religion and therapeutic practices. The linkages with the Bible, through directed scripture review, helps to provide a sense of one- ness. The reader can feel the authenticity of the pain and struggle and the joy and peace as one moves forward in the journey. This book will provide comfort to many as they journey through their mental health concerns and rely upon the strength that God has always promised. This journey requires inner strength and the ability to be acutely honest with your- self and your truth.”

-Janice M. Davis, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW-C

Director of Clinical Education Howard University School of Social Work Breathe is a compelling read, offering invaluable insight and solutions to mental health. The transparency shared by Candace is not only a breath of fresh air, but is a clear sign that she is out to save lives. No longer do people, particularly in the Body of Christ, have to suffer silently, many suffering for years, feeling trapped within invisible walls. The days of believing that if you seek help outside of prayer, it puts you outside the will of God or even makes you a doubter of your faith are no more. I believe, as is evident in Breathe, that just as God anoints us for our purposes in life, He has also anointed clinicians to remedy the needs of His people. I encourage every reader to dive deep into Breathe. Be honest with yourself and God. Seek help, get help, Rest, Reflect, Reset, and live well.” - Robert Jennings

Executive Pastor, Ekklesia International

Breathe is so powerful because Candace literally bares her darkest moments, sharing actual journal entries. In a world where everyone wants to show themselves through a specific angle or filter, Candace lays out all of her scars. This truly is an act of love and sacrifice. I am so thankful Candace allowed God to use her darkest times to help us all realize light and better days in our own lives.” - Andrea Wright-Thompson

Entertainment Manager

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