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natasha t. brown releases new book: The absence of Excess

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

This book chronicles Natasha's missionary journey to Tanzania and the spiritual lessons the Lord ministered in the process.

The Absence of Excess: Stories on Cultural Immersion, Godly Love, and Living Surrendered from a Black American Missionary in Africa released on September 15 with a companion full-color companion journal which includes over 25 original photos!  This book will take you on a spiritual journey as we discuss important issues such as how to manage self-care when serving; how to lay down our lives for others, adjust in new cultures, and rightfully manage our views of developing nations and societies. The stories will take you right to the village and city where Natasha ministered in Tanzania and introduce you to the beautiful neighbors who changed her life. If you have your copy already, be sure to leave a review on, and if you have yet to order, please visit the link below so we can send you an autographed copy! 


"This book is a must read to prepare you for God's plan for your life." -Daniel B. Gilbert, Ph.D. Regent University School of Divinity "The Absence of Excess is an essential mission resource for empowerment, and will inspire the African American Church." -Kanita Benson, MA She Saves a Nation & National Day of Prayer "Whether you are interested in missions, interested in diving deeper in your relationship with Christ, or simply want to read another book from Natasha, you will enjoy her adventures." -Ashby Rauch Kidd Visible Grace, Nairobi, Kenya

About the Book

Far away from fast food chains and Starbucks coffee, with no access to Amazon Prime and 24-hour fitness centers, experience life set in a simple, yet beautiful village in Tanzania, East Africa. In The Absence of Excess, Natasha T. Brown takes us on a spiritual journey where the heart of God is revealed in the simple truths of this rich African culture and its powerful and authentic Christian tradition.

Through the stories, people, and spiritual lessons, you will be forced to confront your own ideas of God, simplicity, prosperity, love, and surrender. Regardless of your faith background, The Absence of Excess will warm your heart and inspire your soul through stories of hope, love, friendships, and simplicity. 

The link above takes you to, but you can also read this book on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

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