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40 Days until Tanzania mission

In 40 days we will embark on a life-changing mission to equip believers in Africa with both English language skills and the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Great Commission Company, we are excited to have been selected to participate in such an important mission for the Lord. Our president Natasha T. Brown will serve in Tanzania from September 1 to December 1. 

Today you have an opportunity to join this mission as a strategic partner to both pray and send through a financial gift. 

Strategic Prayer with our Community Begins Today: 

Prayer Focus: Please pray for a smooth Visa and immunization process for Natasha.

Thank you. 

Last but not least... 

This week is the launch of a special campaign to empower you as an author, professional, or ministry leader while advancing the gospel. Stay tuned for more details and special offers to help you build...

Stay tuned for more details.

To learn more and partner with the Tanzania mission, visit this link.

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