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The 30-Day Book Writing Challenge for Non-Fiction Authors

One of the main reasons why most aspiring authors do not finish their books is they don't commit to the process. Our 30-Day Book Writing Challenge for Non-Fiction Authors tackles this problem by putting the book writing process in small chunks that writers work on each day.


Our challenge writers also get accountability partners, group coaching, and a 1-on-1 book consultation with a member of our team. 


Show the world how much you're loved

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”

Need additional help? Join the Write What's Real Author's Suite for Coaching, Resources, & Accountability to Finish Your Book 


  1. 30-Day Book Writing Challenge 

  2. Plan, Write, Publish Introduction to Writing & Publishing Virtual Course

  3. Story Template E-book 

  4. How to Format & Distribute your E-book Training

  5. Access into Private Write, Speak, Increase Facebook Community 


Plan, Write, Publish Introduction to Writing & Publishing Course


  • Module 1: Plan

Visualize your desired outcome, Plan your writing, create your outline, author mindset training, accountability steps ​

  • Module 2: Write 

Writing and Storytelling training, brainstorming techniques, and writing tips

  • Module 3: Publish 

Includes ​an overview of marketing, publishing, and distribution, best practices and what to consider. 


Story Template E-Book

*2nd Edition


  • Author Website Template & Hacks 

  • Non-fiction book templates 

  • Non-fiction chapter templates and guides 

  • Writing Tips and samples of professional bios for long mediums, short mediums, and websites 

  • Social media bio templates 

  • E-mail marketing templates 

  • Press release templates 

  • E-mail pitching templates 


E-book Formatting Video Training 



  • Screen-share, step-by-step guide to e-book formatting

  • Tip-sheet 

  • E-book Distribution resources 

VIP Publishing
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James Fortune

 "I am forever grateful... >


"I had never written a book before and I didn't even know where to start, but after discussing my vision and ideas with you, you were able to guide me in the right direction. I am forever grateful. 

Natasha M. Brown

 "I remember praying for help in the morning and finding your page in the afternoon... >

white shirt head shot.jpg

"To my book coach and publisher, Natasha T. Brown, thank you for believing in me and taking this journey with me. I remember praying for help in the morning and finding your page in the afternoon. It was God-sent. Thank you for believing in me and for keeping me focused whenever I wanted to veer off path. I never envisioned myself to be an author, but you did. I had so many ideas, and you brought them full circle in such a short amount of time.

Carl Sharperson, Jr.

"Superior resource for the entire process of writing and publishing... >


Natasha is a superior resource and book coach for the entire process of writing and publishing a book. She was mine, check it out. 

Are you ready to join hundreds of authors who've entrusted our team to help them write, brand, and publish their books?

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