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Dynita Washington is living her best life, married to Mark, the man of her dreams, and the two are owners of a quaint, two-story home in a quiet neighborhood in South Jersey. She has a loving family and friends who provide support and encouragement. Dynita is well-known in her community and serves as a lead singer in the church choir. She’s also a college graduate having received two Ivy League degrees.


At the brink of her budding career in higher education, Dynita and Mark learn they are expecting a child. Things couldn’t be any better. That is until Mark and Dynita are faced with the dismal diagnosis—their unborn child has congenital heart disease and a host of other abnormalities.


In The Heart to Move Forward: 4 Steps to L.I.V.E. Again After Losing a Child, Dynita helps families who are devastated with a chronic illness or death of a loved one. In this book, discover:

  • How do you handle a bad medical diagnosis?

  • Is God listening?

  • What is God trying to teach you in the midst of your storm?

  • How do you give thanks in every circumstance?

  • Is God still performing miracles today?


Ultimately, what does it take to gain the heart to move forward when death knocks at your door? This book outlines how Dynita learned to L.I.V.E. with God’s plan for her life even when it contradicts her own personal desires.

The Heart to Move Forward: 4 Steps to L.I.V.E. Again After the Loss of a Child

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