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Are you ready to write and publish your first book? 

You're in good company.

We've helped hundreds of visionaries realize their dream of becoming a successful author. Join our free masterclass on February 29 to learn the wisdom keys to writing, publishing, and marketing a bestselling book.


In this Free Masterclass, you will learn to

Write your book in 30 days or less

Writing doesn't have to be difficult. Learn strategies to plan, outline, and write a captivating book. 

Plan your bestselling book launch

Learn bestseller marketing and publishing best practices to attract your ideal readers. 

Avoid writer's block & pen an unforgettable manuscript

Learn tips to keep your creative ideas flowing.

Turn your book into a movement

Get strategies to build upon your story to create a lasting brand. 



"Natasha is a superior resource and book coach for the entire process of writing and publishing a book. She was mine." 

- Carl Sharperson, Jr.

Meet your Book Publishing Coach 


This class will be taught by ELOHAI International's Publisher Natasha Watson. Natasha is a #1 bestselling author who has ghostwritten over 30 highly-acclaimed books, coached hundreds of authors, and published over 120 books since entering the book publishing space in 2015. She is the author of the bestselling books 52-Week Devotional for Women, 10 Blessings of Betrayal and The Absence of Excess. Prior to publishing, Natasha was an award-winning corporate communicator, brand strategist, and publicist who provided strategy and content for celebrities, artists, and businesses. In addition to leading ELOHAI International, Natasha is a philanthropist, Bible Teacher and ministry leader. Follow her on Instagram and YouTube. 

Do you have a question for Natasha to answer during the training?

Click here to email our team.

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