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Celebrating Families & Supporters Who Have Experienced Loss or Tragedy.

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About the Book

Tragic Victory: Learning to Navigate Life In Tough Times is an

intimate and transparent memoir of how one mother discovered her own inner strength while enduring the heartbreaking fight for her children's lives. Author Diane Davis documents the tragedy of addiction, depression, and the downward spiral of those closest to her. Although tragic, she discovers victory, love; and an unexpected, joyful new beginning. This story will empower survivors of trauma and parents who've experienced the loss of their child or children to continue moving forward in pursuit of the inevitable light on the other side.

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About the Author

Diane Davis is a writer, consultant, and a native of Denver, Colorado, today living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Denver's famed East High School. Her formal education was enhanced when she attended Colorado State University.

Diane has spent her professional life in program development and fitness motivation. She is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and motivational speaker. She specializes in public speaking on enhanced health and wellness. Diane previously was Vice President and Senior Manager for several San Francisco Bay-area companies.

Her leadership with these companies illustrates her outstanding diversity of knowledge and empathy to help others overcome their challenges and strengthen their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Diane has the ability to capture and inspire the spirit of a person needing a healthy life change. Diane has also overcome major tragedy in the loss of her son and daughter in the prime of their lives. She has written Tragic Victory about her life experiences.

Diane is married to Ron Davis, former NFL football player and the love of her life. They have a blended family of four and are raising their grandson Taj Davis.


Eileen Ruby 
Private Investor

Diane Davis's reflections on the loss of both of her children is a contemplation on grief transformed into inspiration for everyone with the privilege of learning her story.   Her journey is testament to taking life -- especially at its darkest moments -- one step at a time towards grace, gratitude, and even joy.  And then sharing that lived experience to help others do the same.   Written with honesty and balance, Tragic Victory is her gift to us all.

Let's Work Together

Book Diane Davis, motivational speaker, and health and wellness coach

Many families have genetic life-threatening health issues some dealing with stress some with the loss of loved ones and some dealing with depression. Diane loves to motivate others to feel good and in some cases change their lifestyle. Diane captures and inspires the spirits of people to uplift, transfer, and take on positive energies. She is a gifted, articulate, truth-teller about her life experiences. She is inspirational to others. Diane is the author of tragic victory which helps the reader navigate through difficult times. Diane’s motto is if you feel good you look good. Even though life can be challenging, we find the strength to carry on.

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