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The 30-Day 

BookWriting Challenge

Hosted by

Natasha T. Watson

Publisher, #1 Bestselling Author,

Top Christian Ghostwriter

Early Bird Special Available!

One of the main reasons why most aspiring authors do not finish their books is they don't commit to the process.


The 30-Day Book Writing Challenge for Non-Fiction Authors tackles this problem by putting the book writing process in small chunks that writers work on each day.


Challenge writers get accountability partners, group coaching, and a 1-on-1 book consultation with Story Coach and Publisher Natasha Watson. 

The Challenge Includes

30-days of coaching with practical lessons to help you finally write your book:


  • A writer's motivational kick-off meeting

  • Daily writing prompts to help you build your book each day for 30 days

  • 2 group coaching meetings 

  • Accountability partner 

  • 1-on-1 consultation at the end of the challenge. 

  • Certificate of Completion 

Register by April 18th for the early-bird rate of 30% off. 

Early Bird Special!

"The 30-Day Book Writing Challenge is truly heaven sent. The challenge supports and encourages aspiring authors in their journey to becoming published authors through daily prompts, exercises, and the backing of a community of other aspiring authors. As a published author, the challenge kickstarted me in the right direction, and three months after completing the challenge, my first book was complete! "

Challenge Graduate

Author Candace Writes

-Author of Breathe: Rest, Reflect, Rest

Challenge Graduate

Author Danny Prince II

-Author of It Had to Happen: When God Qualifies The Disqualified

"ELOHAI 30-Day Writing Challenge was God sent!! From the first challenge to the last challenge, it gave me the tools I needed, and the push I desired to finish what I had been struggling to complete. Every challenge pushed me to go further in my writing, and dig deeper in my thoughts, and prayer life, concerning what I was writing. You don't realize what you need until you're given it. I needed the ELOHAI 30-Day Writing Challenge, and out of the result of the challenge, I am pleased to say that I was able to complete my book at the desired time I wanted too. " 

The 30-day writing challenge was a blessing. It built my momentum and motivated me. The challenge was both inspiring and informing. I learned several principles which have furthered my development as a writer. The group support and accountability helped me to maintain a steady pace, and to accomplish my writing goals.

Challenge Graduate

Bishop Stephanie Stratford

-Author of God Speaks to Women: Lessons for the Millennial Generation

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