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This bundle of books by Natasha Brown Watson (prior to marriage) helps with inner healing, accepting our personal truths, rebuilding after tragedy, and living on mission for God. 


About Each Book


10 Blessings of Betrayal: A Spiritual Journey of Rebuilding through Tragedy, published in 2015 

Author: Natasha T. Brown


On a cold winter night, a high-profile communications consultant in the DC Metropolitan Area finds herself in the center of an attempted murder plot - with the intent to frame her for the crime. Faced with the ultimate betrayal and the greatest personal and professional battle of her life, Natasha T. Brown leaned on her faith in God and discovered 10 blessings within her darkest moments. Reinforced by scripture and solidified through family bonds and friendships, 10 Blessings of Betrayal is an inspirational journey of healing and triumph.


God Made Me Wait: Pray, Plan, & Write Your Forever ...  published in 2016 (includes a 14-Day devotional for women) 

Authors: Sherrell Duncan and Natasha T. Brown 


God Made Me Wait by Sherrell Duncan with Natasha T. Brown identifies and confronts the toxic realities that hold women back. This transparent book of self reflection will empower you toward a journey of purging and obedience to God through prayer, planning, writing and declaring YOUR forever. 

Through intimate prayers and moments with God, the authors demonstrate how women can strengthen their faith, solidify their future and break free from the strongholds of tragedy and sin. God Made Me Wait includes a 14-day devotional and journal.


The Absence of Excess: Stories on Cultural Immersion, Godly Love, and Living Surrendered from a Black American Missionary in Africa... published in 2020 

Author: Natasha T. Brown 

Far away from fast food chains and Starbucks coffee, with no access to Amazon Prime and 24-hour fitness centers, experience life set in a simple, yet beautiful village in Tanzania, East Africa. In The Absence of Excess, Natasha T. Brown takes us on a spiritual journey where the heart of God is revealed in the simple truths of this rich African culture and its powerful and authentic Christian tradition.

Through the stories, people, and spiritual lessons, you will be forced to confront your own ideas of God, simplicity, prosperity, love, and surrender. Regardless of your faith background, The Absence of Excess will warm your heart and inspire your soul through stories of hope, love, friendships, and simplicity.



Natasha's Book Book Bundle

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