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Is the Church of Jesus failing to proclaim the gospel to nations? As members of Christ’s body, are we failing to establish the kingdom of God in the world? The Church and the Nations, by Pastor and Theologian Rev. Dr. Chermain Lashley, speaks to us about the credibility of the church’s witness to the world. It calls us to examine and discuss the role of the Holy Spirit and the importance of submitting to Him in fulfilling His mandate. These pages come to provoke and encourage believers to make ourselves available for another level of much-needed empowerment by the Holy Spirit as more evil days approach. Reminding us of the powerful ways the early church impacted the world, this book takes us back to Scripture. Accessing heaven’s power to shake up the kingdom of darkness and continue Christ’s transforming work has never been so demanding. Why are there such limited works of the Holy Spirit in our Church? How do we rekindle His Holy fire? Join this journey to engage these questions and lay hold of the mandate of Christ like never before.

The Church & the Nations: The Transforming Power of Christ's Church on the World

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