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We live in a world full of competition. We have accepted that winning or “making it big" requires that we make others look less than we are. We tend to compare ourselves with other people and end up striving for unrealistic success. While striving to get better and grow in various aspects of our lives is a desirable and significant aspect of life, lack of contentment for who we are, not what we do leads us to keep wanting to be who we were not meant to be. The journey to discover the beauty of diversity lies in knowing that it is okay to be different, and indeed, our differences are what make the world beautiful. They are the beautiful colors of humanity; they are the spices that make life's dull moments become vibrant and memorable; they are what make life amazing.

The Beauty of Diversity by Dainess M. Maganda, Ph.D. encourages you to think deeply about who you are, what makes you different, and why. It inspires you to think about your story, where you come from, your life experiences, your family, your friends, your rivals, your allies, your impediments, your strengths, and much more. This book urges you to reflect upon your attitude towards people who are different from you. It compels you to ask yourself tough questions, which, if you are honest, will help you seek to understand someone before you judge them. Even more, you will be motivated to be curious about a few animals from the Serengeti and learn how their uniqueness can help you embrace yourself and stop allowing beliefs that others are better than you in some aspect to make you unhappy. You are invited to get curious enough to want to know more about the beauty of Africa, starting with the author's country, Tanzania, home of the Serengeti National Park. You are encouraged to explore yourself and re-discover what you love most about you!

The Beauty of Diversity

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