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The Absence of Excess bundle includes: 


Paperback Book

Companion Journal



The Absence of Excess: Stories on Cultural Immersion, Godly Love, and Living Surrendered from a Black American Missionary in Africa

by Natasha T. Brown 


About the Book:

Far away from fast food chains and Starbucks coffee, with no access to Amazon Prime and 24-hour fitness centers, experience life set in a simple, yet beautiful village in Tanzania, East Africa. In The Absence of Excess, Natasha T. Brown takes us on a spiritual journey where the heart of God is revealed in the simple truths of this rich African culture and its powerful and authentic Christian tradition.

Through the stories, people, and spiritual lessons, you will be forced to confront your own ideas of God, simplicity, prosperity, love, and surrender. Regardless of your faith background, The Absence of Excess will warm your heart and inspire your soul through stories of hope, love, friendships, and simplicity.


About the Journal 

This Companion Journal to the Absence of Excess: Stories on Cultural Immersion, Godly Love, and Living Surrendered..., will enhance your reading experience. It includes the prompts, prayers, journal reflections from the book in one space and includes 100 pages to help you reflect and allow the Lord to speak. Keep all your book notes from this transformational release in one place with this thought-provoking companion journal. 


Ships mid September. A portion of proceeds from this project will benefit students at Nassa Theological College in Tanzania.

The Absence of Excess Bundle

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