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Share your story. 

Teach others what you know. 

Leave an impact and build a legacy through books.

We simplify writing and publishing and help new authors become master storytellers. 

The Write What's Real Author Bundle Includes

  • Plan, Write, Publish Introduction to Writing & Publishing Course
  • Story Template E-book 

  • How to Format your E-book Training

  • Access into Private Write, Speak, Increase Facebook Community

  • Access to 30-Day Book Writing Challenge 


Product Descriptions



Plan, Write, Publish Course



  • Module 1: Plan

Visualize your desired outcome, Plan your writing, create your outline, author mindset training, accountability steps ​


  • Module 2: Write 

Writing and Storytelling training on brainstorming and ways to get over writer's block

  • Module 3: Publish 

Includes ​an overview of marketing, publishing, and distribution, best practices and what to consider. 


This is an entry-level course to the book writing and publishing process. For a more comprehensive teaching, visit this link to signup for on- story coaching or schedule a Publishing Mastermind here


Story Template E-Book

*2nd Edition


  • Author Website Template & Hacks 

  • Non-fiction book templates 

  • Non-fiction chapter templates and guides 

  • Writing Tips and samples of professional bios for long mediums, short mediums, and websites 

  • Social media bio templates 

  • E-mail marketing templates 

  • Press release templates 

  • E-mail pitching templates 


E-book Formatting Video Training 



  • Screen-share, step-by-step guide to e-book formatting

  • Tip-sheet 

  • E-book Distribution resources 


Write Speak Increase Facebook Community 


Benefit from lifetime access into this community of writers and entrepreneurs, which provides expert content, collaboration, opportunities for mentoring and accountability. 


30-Day Book Writing Challenge 


Get access to the non-fiction book writing challenge to help you take your book from start to finish in 30 days or less. 

Write What's Real Author's Bundle

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