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This memoir covers one black lawyer’s experiences that address a small slice of systemic racism embedded from its inception in this republic called America.


Set in what should be the desegregated South, Memoirs of a Black Southern Lawyer takes readers into the courtrooms and boardrooms of the largest governmental agencies, where racism and discrimination are masked by injustices against the most vulnerable members of American society. 


Journey with Edward M. Brown, Esquire, a South Carolina-based defense and Civil Rights attorney of over forty years who relentlessly tackles the United States government, Corporate America, local and national law enforcement to equalize the scales of justice for clients of color. 


If you've ever wondered how and why racism still exists in the justice system, Memoirs of a Black Southern Lawyer will provide a sound historical and psychological analysis, a clear overview of the American legal system, and strategies to obtain the liberties promised in the United States Constitution.

Memoirs of a Black Southern Lawyer Vol. 1

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