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It's A Setup: A Spiritual Journey from Pain to Promise recounts the pivotal moments of breakthrough that came after the most difficult challenges of Author Veronica Wilson's life. From abandonment, betrayal, divorce, and heartbreak, Wilson writes from a transparent place to encourage the hearts of every survivor of pain and trauma.

Today, Veronica Wilson is a world-renown cheer team owner, consultant and senior executive at a leading Fortune-500 company, but this Alabama native had to fight through fury to learn that the hard moments were simply a setup for God to do his best work.

If you are rebuilding your life after a devastating blow, It's a Setup will give you hope.
If you are looking for a light at the end of a dark tunnel, It's a Setup will strengthen your faith.
If you are a rising leader who needs to build resilience for the journey ahead, It's a Setup will coach you to your next level.
It's a Setup will provide the fuel you need to keep moving forward to your place of promise and redemption.

It's A Setup: A Spiritual Journey From Pain to Promise

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