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Doin’ All Things When Life Hurts by Andrea Mitchell is an encouraging and transparent companion guide to help readers walk through life’s low moments. The author drops us into her own real-time journey of emotional, mental, and physical recovery after an unexpected family tragedy rocks her world and spirals her deep into despair. Grounded in faith principles and saturated with therapeutic takeaways, this book helps those who are facing depression, trauma, and family hardships overcome feelings of hopelessness and identify the glimmer of light leading to a brighter future.


Unlike traditional self-help books, Author Andrea Mitchell doesn’t claim to be an expert, yet through raw emotion and her own steps to healing, she becomes a relatable voice for others who must, at all costs, overcome trauma and break generational strongholds to demonstrate that they can do all things through Christ, even when life hurts.

Doin' All Things When Life Hurts

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