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In 1973, in the aftermath of a deadly tornado, a five-month-old baby boy was discovered in the rubble of a ravished mobile home park. From this tragic beginning, Rise from the Rubble: Ascend Beyond Destitution to Achieve your Destiny shares the awe-inspiring life story of Thomas Pagsisihan, who fought through poverty, homelessness, and neglect to escape the horrors of his childhood.

Rise from the Rubble transports readers to the callous south where the author must rise beyond the abuse and hate he is subjected to at the hands of unfit parents and guardians. At his lowest point, a young Thomas Pagsisihan meets a stranger who shares wisdom that sets him on a path of change. This book challenges readers to assess and reflect on life in a way that will help identify steps to reach their desired outcomes.

No matter where you find yourself today, Rise from the Rubble will provide the tools to achieve your destiny and rise from life's setbacks.

Rise from The Rubble: Ascend Beyond Destitution to Fulfill your Destiny

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