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Author TRINA WIGGINS, MD is a board-certified pediatrician, fitness champion, and the first African American competitive gymnast for Stanford University. In her new book, The Sugar Seduction she helps readers make healthy dining decisions before eating out. The Sugar Seduction is your healthy eating companion. In this easy reference guide, learn the best and worst food choices at some of the most common restaurants in the United States. Get simple tips to decrease your family's sugar intake and make healthy eating and lifestyle decisions. Get this life-saving book for only $2.99 through Wednesday during this week's special promotion!

Praise for The Sugar Seduction

"With a hectic lifestyle, I am forced to eat out more than I would like. The Sugar Seduction book allows me to make better decisions when dining out. It's my perfect go-to guide that I keep on hand!" - Tamara Steele

"Many "health and wellness" books spend a great deal of time engaging in a parade of horrors to get you to grasp their central message. Dr. Wiggins' book, "The Sugar Seduction" is not one of those. Instead, it quickly goes through the medical information we need about how much sugar is appropriate and then shifts to something far more valuable: a page-by-page disclosure of sugar content hidden in the foods we eat at many of America's favorite chain restaurants, even when we THINK we are effectively managing our sugar intake. A real eye opener that is a fast, extremely informative, read." - Renee Glover Chantler

"Dr. Wiggins provides very useful advice in order to improve your health. If you are a fan of eating at popular United States based fast food restaurants, you receive powerful information from Dr. Wiggins, enabling you to enjoy your meal while controlling the amount of sugar you consume. This book is a must have for anyone serious about healthier eating."

- Gregory W. Billings

DR. TRINA WIGGINS is a board-certified pediatrician, fitness champion, first African American competitive gymnast for Stanford University, wellness advocate, and speaker.

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