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Prayers for Tanzania

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Hello, and Blessings to you on this new week!

Yesterday, my friend took me on a tour of the village of Bulima as we walked about 30 minutes to Lake Victoria. It was my first time going there, and on the way, we stopped at tomato, corn, and rice pods (fields) that are dry in wait of the rainy season. I also saw papaya and coconut trees, sweet potato and pumpkin plants, and when we arrived to the Lake, there were several fishermen in small canoes and even on the shore reeling in their catch of the day.

What was most shocking about this walk was the reality that so many people still live without clean drinking and bathing water (they get it from the lake) and they live without electricity. There are many mud houses with grass roofs and babies who contract malaria or Typhoid fever whose parents have little-to-no funds to get them proper treatment.

Lately, I've been preaching and teaching a lot, and it's been really hard to come to grips with the fact that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34) and yet there are so many disparities here.

I've been asking God questions like, How can we get clean drinking water to everyone? Why don't some people have electricity? What kind of business venture can we begin here to empower people to live above the poverty level?

This morning I had a thought: America was built (in large part) by the hands of African slaves who were stolen from this beautiful continent. We are thriving in America, and many places in Africa are still third-world, under/un-developed countries. This bothers me so much. Although there are so many problems within some African nations, including corruption at the highest level, (as my Tanzanian friend explained to me), I know that this too should be a point of prayer and action.

So these are my thoughts on this quiet Sunday evening. My computer is at 8% so I'll end this note here. (excuse any typos.)

(Note: this Post was originally written on Sept. 29. Since first sending this to supporters, I’ve learned that the government is in the process of getting clean water to each home in Bulima.)

Please pray:

1. That God reveals His will for me here, especially the type of message that He wants to be conveyed as I preach next week AND what He wants me to do to help create additional sustainability for the long-haul.

2. Financial provisions, equality, and clean drinking water for everyone in the village of Bulima.

3. Christ-led leaders in Tanzania and every African country.

Thanks so much!!

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God bless you!! Natasha 

Here's a link to the message I taught on Thursday. "Living Hope During Suffering"

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