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New Services for Business Owners & Authors!


Are you a business owner or author who needs help with content creation, including posts, graphics, social media videos, or podcast production? We have expanded our media team to provide additional support for our community.


LET US HELP YOU WITH BOOK PRINTING AND SHIPPING! In addition to high-quality book printing, we now offer book shipping (fulfillment). This service is designed to support busy authors who have relied on Amazon or other online merchants. If you would like to earn the maximum amount of income on your literary work, you need to sell your book from your own platform. Amazon only pays authors 60-70% of funds made from your book sales, but as an independent author, you can earn 100% of your book sales. Send us an email to request a quote for book shipping services. Click here to request a quote for book printing.


IT'S TIME TO SHARE YOUR STORY! If you have a goal to share your story through books, social media, visual media, podcasts, or other audio, schedule a Discovery Meeting with the ELOHAI INTERNATIONAL TEAM. Click here to schedule a meeting.

We look forward to helping you share your story with the world! ELOHAI International Publishing & Media Mission-Centered Storytelling with Visionary Faith Leaders

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