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Introducing Sharp Leadership: Parenting Principles for Rearing Young People by Carl Sharperson, Jr.

INTRODUCING SHARP LEADERSHIP: PARENTING PRINCIPLES FOR REARING YOUNG PEOPLE, The New Release by Carl H. Sharperson, JR. bestselling author of Sharp Leadership: Overcome Adversity to Lead with Authenticity

In Sharp Leadership: Parenting Principles for Rearing Young People, Carl H. Sharperson, Jr. takes readers on a journey of how to transition life experiences, good and bad, into youth learning opportunities. Receive a blueprint for how you, too, can transform your trials to triumph by leading your family, your team or youth organizations to the next level.

Sharp Leadership is for those who:

1. Have unmotivated young people

2. Have disrespectful young people

3. Are concerned about their children living independently

4. Are unclear about how to navigate parent, teacher, and child dynamics

5. Are concerned about unhealthy habits

Sharp Leadership inspires and offers strategies on how to:

1. Use consistent discipline

2. Lead from an authentic place

3. Overcome adversity with sanity

4. Form a tribe of supporters

5. Make every circumstance a learning opportunity

Order an advance copy today at this link. Sharp Leadership is published and distributed by ELOHAI International Publishing & Media.

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