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Yesterday, Bestselling Author and Gospel Artist James Fortune announced the first DESTINY CHASERS Weekend! 

"I’m determined to help everyone who has experienced a setback get back on God’s course for your lives! When you purchase my bestselling book Destiny Derailed this weekend from, I’m inviting you to my exclusive Destiny Derailed masterclass in October. I’m also going to send you a copy of the 7-Day Destiny Derailed Digital Devotional! This book is a tool to change lives, hearts, and minds FOREVER!"

Fortune's book Destiny Derailed: How to Get Your Life Back on Track by Leveraging Your Past and Repurposing Your Pain Into Power wasreleased on September 18 by ELOHAI International Publishing & Media. 

Both the masterclass access and digital devotional will be sent to you on or before October 1. Be sure to share this with your network. Destiny Derailed, the book, masterclass, and devotional will be a blessing to everyone who is seeking God and His desired destiny for their lives. 

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