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Celebrating our Third Anniversary!

We are celebrating another year of business and mission here at ELOHAI International.

This has been the most rewarding, unpredictable journey, but God has continuously sent people who are aligned with advancing His kingdom through books, media and (local + global) missions.


In 3 years,

• We’ve published 30 Christian authors.

• Served as project consultant (ghostwriter, editor, publishing liaison) to 200+ authors and independent publishers.

• Trained 250+ writers & visionaries through conferences, retreats, and courses.

• Launched audio, visual, and print media divisions to share the gospel and partnered with teams in DC, LA, and East Africa.

• Printed and distributed thousands of gospel-centered books.

• Empowered local churches through content design, ministry communications strategy, curriculum development, and growth consulting.

• Supported missionaries in 3 continents.

• Prayed for every single partner, author, and friend.

We are blessed to be a blessing and we are just getting started! This has been a faith journey. Year 3, we become even more relentless about pursuing the vision and mission, advancing the gospel, and empowering everyday storytellers.

This week in honor of our 3rd anniversary all books, courses, and products in the ELOHAI International bookstore are 30% off with the code elohaianniversary !

Thank you for being an important part of this mission!

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