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Author's Marketing Huddle

We're excited for our first Author's Marketing Huddle where our special guests Authors Carl & Casey Sharperson, brilliant father-daughter business leaders will share their favorite author marketing insights and how they have been successful at sharing their books and using them to gain additional clients, sales, and speaking engagements.

Join us live for this event on April 9th at 12.30 p.m. EDT

About Carl H. Sharperson, Jr.

Carl Sharperson Jr. is a Leadership Innovation Strategist, speaker, author, and coach. He specializes in taking leaders from mediocre to maximizing their potential in work and personal life. He is passionate about this message because he understands that most people are working at only 50% capacity due to lack of clear leadership, development or job fit. He transforms his audience and coaching clients through his proprietary Sharp Leadership coaching process as well as drawing from his unique experiences the military, Corporate America and entrepreneurship.

Connect with Carl Sharperson:

About Casey Sharperson

Casey Sharperson, known as the The Confidence Cultivator, is a speaker, blogger, and mentor to millennials looking to go to the next level. She is passionate about cultivating the confidence within others to take them from stagnant to stellar, in order to live the lives they were created to live. Named DMV's Top 30 under 30, she is passionate about merging faith and business to unlock her client’s God-given potential.

Connect with Casey Sharperson:

We love helping authors like you on your journey of turning your book into a movement! These monthly huddles are to unlock stories inside of you and exchange ideas with other authors, influencers and story tellers.

Join us live for this event on April 9th at 12.30 p.m. EDT

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